Apr 18, 2013

Not serious food

I have always been passionate about not-so-serious food such as dessert, afternoon tea and entrée. Below is a list of such food that hopefully would make you happy simply by looking at them :)

1. Macaron, of course. Not a big fan of this delicate dessert, but I thought I should at least try once since I'm in Paris. I bought a box of 7 macaron at Pierre Hermé, which is not available in the U.S yet. They just lunched a collection of Japanese Garden, which including some exotic flavor like matcha(my favorite!). I have to admit that after tasting these macarons, my indifference for this little creature turns to slight-addiction. These macarons are not too sweet. The lemon/orange/craneberry flavors are fruity enough. I would write a complete report after tasting macarons from different pâtisseries, even those from McDonald's!

2. Afternoon tea. A cup of coffee on the terrasse du café makes a perfect afternoon.

3. Light breakfast. One morning I made myself a banana bread pudding, and it turned out pretty good.

4. Oeuf-coque. Ok, I know it looks fancy but it's actually pretty easy to prepare. A half-boiled egg with buttered bread stick, what could be easier?

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