Mar 18, 2013

Food in Chicago

Speaking of food in Chicago, the first three that a tourist like me could name are: deep dish pizza, hot dogs and steak. Apparently it's more than these!!

My friend took me to a famous brunch place called Yolk. I was almost scared away by the crowd, and we were told to wait twenty five minutes! Thanks to my friend's insistence that I did not miss the visually appealing and gustatively pleasant brunch! I ordered "tour de france", a collection of three signature french toasts topped with blueberry, banana and strawberry. C'est magnifique!!! ( I forgot to take a picture :( )

The next day I went to a small Vietnamese restaurant in Belmont called Nhu Lan. I was told that their sandwich was really good. Since I was on a vegetarian diet this week, I got a vegetarian classic sandwich. It looked no different from a subway sandwhich, except thicker and less oily. They have great non-veggy sandwiches too, such as chinese port, beef ball, turkey... Prices range from $4.5 - $9.0.

Alright, last but not least, the Garrett Popcorn! The one on the left is the famous chicago mix (caramel and cheese popcorn, together give you a balance of sweetness and saltiness), and the other is their new product chocolate coated popcorn. I could not help to have more once I started. So they end up being my dinner..

An unrelevant picture. I just love the way the pigeon strolling on the street.

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