Mar 25, 2013

Food in NYC

1. Lady M 
41 East 78th street

This is a cake boutique that makes the taste-delicious and look-gorgeous cakes. The signature Green Tea Mille Crêpes give you a vibrant tea flavour and rich texture of lacy thin crêpes mixed with light pastry cream. Not too sweet, not too much, just a little slice and your life is spiced up. Oh by the way, their mozzarella sandwich is also pretty good. Do not forget to ask them to toast your sandwich!

2. Franchia Vegan Café
12 Park Ave, between 34 and 35th st
You cannot tell from the name that this is a japanese restaurant! The decoration and the whole atmosphere will bring you to another world. My phone was not functioning when I entered this restaurant so I sketched the mug.

3. Totto Ramen
366w 52nd st

I have to admit that this is the first time in my life that I take a train across 50 streets and wait for an hour and a half to get a bowl of ramen. Yes I am a gourmand.
Definitly try the cha siu pork bun and whatever ramen on the menu. Get ready to wait for at least an hour for the ultimate ramen; a novel and an ipad with TV shows or a companian is highly recommended! (Did a sketch while waiting in line. The calligraphy means "bird man")
Totto never disappoints you!

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