May 27, 2013

Fête des mères

Yesterday was Mother's Day in France. My four host sisters spent a whole morning preparing this Mother's Day Gala. I was impressed by these girls because those food are not only good-looking but also super delicious! Why would any mother prefer to celebrate her festival in a Michelin restaurant when she has such wonderful daughters?

The menu is as followed (from left to right):
salmon roll with cow cheese
strawberry smoothie
fresh orange juice
homemade pancake
"Maman" shape pancake
green lemon stuffed with some mysterious white sauce (made from at least four different things) (it was soooo good that I did not hear a word when my host mom told me what was in it.. pardon me!)
roast bacon with egg salad (on the right)
rose shape pastry (full of love! )

Oh we also had some champagne :)

C'était un déjeuner INCROYABLE!

Bonne fête à toutes les mamans :)

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