May 19, 2013

Weekend discovery

This weekend, Paris is rainy, cold and somewhat depressing. I went out yesterday for La Nuit du Musée and end up going back early because all I could see was people, people and more people. Well, people do love free things.
I did not regret joining the museum crowd because otherwise I would not have shot this photo.
Discovery 1: Paris in rain

Before checking the museums, I went to Cos store for the first time and surprisingly found that it was completely MY wardrobe! I love the clean cut of the tops, the simple but edgy designs and the stunningly beautiful accessories! I couldn't help hopping around the store and brought as many clothes as possible to the fitting room. It's hard to find a brand with such a good price-quality ratio - jewelries around €10-30, tops €40-60, dresses €60-90, heels €150. After spending un hour in the store, I got some accessories since they are at the top of my desire list.

 Discovery 2: Cos store

Now is my biggest weekend discovery -the creative, inspiring, hard-woking and adorable couple Garance Doré and Scott Shuman! I spent the whole afternoon yesterday reading The Sartorialist, and then the whole day today checking Garance Doré's blog as well as her videos. I enjoyed the book a lot not only because of the nicely shot photos, but also the stories and philosophical thoughts, such as...

Taking the time to find a fashion role model based more on body type than number of Oscar nominations will put you on right track. 
It's always funny that we buy pre-washed, pre-ripped and pre-faded clothes. Yet we can achieve that look ourselves... If you want your clothes to age with that kind of grace then wear the clothes you have and stop always buying new ones.

These seemingly straightforward facts really take time for us to realize. And I hope to keep them in mind!

Discovery 3: Garance Doré and the Sartorialist

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