May 20, 2013

Paris en mai, Paris en hiver

Paris is going through Minnesota craziness - cold, rainy, comme fou! I pulled out my winter cape from my wadrobe and couldn't remember how many times I've said to myself: ok, this is the last time you wear this coat, and forced to put it on again a week later.

After staying at home for two days I finally find two excuses to go out - A. it's my turn to buy the baguette for my host family. B. I just charged the battery of my camera which I have not used since I came to Paris. Pfff.. another human-being spoiled by iphone. I decided to visit Shakespeare and Co. and le Marais before la boulangerie.

I love Shakespeare and Co. because this is the only place in Paris where I would not feel guilty not speaking French. The default language here is English, more precisely British English. I love this place also because spending half a day reading sounds like a more meaningful way to kill time (as I mentioned in my previous post).

 An old lady sitting outside Shakespeare and Co., on her iphone

Ladies walking in the rain

Hey, it's the end of may right? Where is the summer?

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